How To Open QuickBooks File Without QuickBooks

uickbooks stores data in digital file format and saves it as a .qbw file extension. Usually .qbw or company files can only be opened by QuickBooks software. But there are some tricks available, using these tricks you will open the QuickBooks file without QuickBooks. Our trick to open .qbw file in other open-source RDBMS applications is very powerful and reliable. So if you want to learn how to open a QuickBooks file without QuickBooks, first try to understand, after all, what is .qbw file.

Overview Of Quickbooks File

Before the Quickbooks, small businesses owner used to maintain business accounting in Microsoft Excel. Small businesses owner used to create an excel file and type all the sales, expenses, and stock data into it. And finally, they used to save this file as a .xls file extension. And these .xls files hold all the information about your company’s expenses.

Similarly, Quickbooks files is a document file in Quickbooks. When the user creates any company in Quickbooks, then he inputs all the details of the company inside it. And save this company file as .qbw file extension.
As Ms.Excel uses .xls file extension, similarly Quickbooks use .qbw extension for the company file.

But as you know ms. excel file can be open in any other software easily like the WPS office any other tool. Quickbooks company file is not easy to open without Quickbooks software. But today we have brought some tricks. By using these tricks you will be able to open Quickbooks file without Quickbooks.

We hope you have understood what is Quickbooks company file or .qbw file. Now let’s see how to open Quickbooks file without Quickbooks.

Tricks To Open Quickbooks Company File Without Quickbooks

If we want to open Quickbooks file without Quickbooks. Then we require RDBMS software like MS excel. Because MS.Excel has features of managing small business accounting easily. That’s why we have chosen Excel to open the company file. So let’s try to open Quickbooks file in Excel.

Trick 1: Import Quickbooks file Into Excel
  • First, open Microsoft excel to import Quickbooks file
  • Then click on File menu from the menu bar
  • Next click on Import option
  • Now you can see Data tab click on it
  • And then select From other Source option
  • Now find .qbw file extension option and select it to get import window.
  • After that, it will convert the Quickbooks file to excel

By the way, you can easily find this information on the Internet. Because this trick works well for most QuickBooks users. But in some cases, it has been observed that some people are still facing problems. So today we have brought a new trick for you.

Tricks 2 Export Quickbooks Data To Excel & Save As .xlsx

This trick can be achieved if you are already planning to make your Quickbooks file available to other users. Just export the data to Excel and save it as a .xlsx file extension. And whenever you need to open a Quickbooks file without QuickBooks, you can open it without any hassle.

Another reason behind choosing MS Excel is its support Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).
Because if you want to export any database data from Excel then you will need ODBC. ODBC is a route to transfer data to Excel.

And as you know Quickbooks does not support ODBC. So we need ODBC driver software to link the data to Excel. You can download the ODBC driver for QuickBooks from here. And here we use the word link, which means whenever an update is made in QuickBooks. Then in a single refresh button, you will also update to an Excel file. So let’s see how to do it.

  • Open Microsoft excel and click on Data menu from ribbon
  • Then click on File >> another source>> ODBC
  • You can see a list of ODBC sources available in a small popup window.
  • Click on the drop-down list and choose Data from the list and click on Ok.
  • Then navigate to link through Quickbooks, this step link current file open in Quickbooks
  • Choose which file you want to link with Quickbooks
  • Then click on load 2 from load dropdown button below
  • Now uncheck the checkbox, and click on table radio button and then click on OK
  • Congrats you have export and link Quickbooks file to excel
  • Now you can save it as .xls file in Excel.


Quickbooks files can open only by Quickbooks software. But if you need to open Quickbooks file without Quickbooks then follow the above steps. We have written all the possible tricks to open Quickbooks file without Quickbooks software.
So use these tricks and if you are not able to do this, then get Quickbooks support service from our good trend executives.