QuickBooks PDF Repair Tool

QuickBooks PDF Repair Tool:Download & Fix Errors

QuickBooks is a well-known auditing software tool used to manage the financial data of all small and medium types of businesses. It offers many financial solutions such as payroll, commerce, tracking payments, Quickbooks time, etc. Printing documents and PDFs is one of the features that Quickbooks provides. But, sometimes people will face errors in document printing and PDFs, for this Intuit offers a feature known as Quickbooks PDF Repair Tool. 

If an individual wants to print their documents with this software they will need components like MSXML and document writer. If any technical error is present in these components, it will result in errors while printing the documents.

This guide will provide many steps to solve printing errors using QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tools. 

What is QuickBooks PDF Repair Tool and its Causes?

This PDF repair tool helps to solve several issues with QuickBooks files when switching QB files to PDF files. If someone wants to use this repair tool they need to download and Install the Quickbooks PDF repair tool on their system. The PDF repair tool will automatically identify and fix all issues with the current files or documents. You can also use the Quickbooks file doctor and Quickbook tool hub to solve these issues.

Causes of Quickbooks PDF and Printing Errors

There are several reasons why errors occur in QB PDF and printing. A few common points are mentioned below:

  • When there are connection issues between the framework and the printer.
  • The error occurs when the print programming is not configured properly.
  • It occurs as unsupported printing drivers or damage installation of MSXML.
  • Print and PDF errors appear when the record of the PDF is lost.
  • PDF converter does not perform the task properly, people may face this error.

System Requirements for Quickbooks PDF Printer Repair Tool

A list of some specifications of this tool are listed below:

  1. Memory: The system has at least 1 GB RAM and hard disk space of up to 512 MB
  2. Screen Resolution: The screen size is at least 1024*768 or even higher.
  3. Processor: The system processor must not be slower than  266 MHZ.
  4. Internet: The Internet speed for this PDF repair tool must be good.

Steps for Installing Print and PDF Repair Tool

Before installing this tool, ensure that to update the latest version of this software. Follow the given steps.

  • Download the Quickbooks PDF repair tool from the official website.
  • Go to the downloads section using a browser and make sure the system is connected properly to the printer. 
  • Then proceed to click on the .exe file.
  • Now this tool will required to run the file as an administrator
  • After successfully signing the scanning process will start automatically. 
  • This will open a CMD window with a management prompt indicating that the process is running.
  • Wait for the process to finish and then restart the system. Print a sample page for testing.

Methods to Solve QuickBooks Print & PDF Problems

There are many ways to solve the QB print and PDF repair errors. These are given below:

Solution1.  Change the printer file name

  • First, an individual will look for the printer files and select them.
  • Then rename the print files of QuickBooks by adding .old at the end of the name.
  • Now go to the QBs software and click on the company file.
  • After this, select a file and set it up for the printer. 
  • Then select a transaction of their choice and click the OK option.

Solution 2. Start the Quickbooks PDF Repair tool using QuickBooks software.

To Download Quickbooks Tool Hub close the Quickbooks desktop and move further with the steps:

  • Download the Quickbooks Tool Hub from the official website and save it on the desktop.
  • Once the downloading process is complete, an instruction page will come.
  • Read the instructions and start installing it.
  • click on the Quickbooks tool hub icon.
  • Open the Quickbooks PDF repair tool, all the problems are listed that you might be facing.
  • Click on the Quickbooks print and PDF Repair tool and follow the instructions.

Solution 3. Avoid print spooler

Read the instructions carefully and follow them:

  • First, go to the system control panel and then select the printer option.
  • After this, select the XPS document writer and then go to the printer properties.
  • In the advanced settings, choose the direct print option and then save all changes.


In this blog, I have listed all the steps one by one which help to solve all print-related errors. People can solve all problems with the help of QBs PDF repair tool as I have mentioned proof solutions for several types of errors. 

If one is facing problems with QuickBooks printing and is irritated with these printing issues, they need to use this repair tool and it will assist in resolving printing errors.

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